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Full Moon in Virgo 02.19.19 10:53am EST

 In Astrology Tips, La Luna

This Full Moon is giving me big “Give and Take” energy and make something out of what you’ve been given energy. When I first think of the word Virgo, just as a word, not the sign, my thoughts go directly to the Virgin and the Virgin Mary. Went to do some bible reading on her story and what that might have to do with the current energy in the atmosphere.

I found this story in Luke chapter 1, First, an angel appears to an older, wiser woman Elizabeth. Elizabeth was barren, meaning she was unable to bear children, but the angel Gabriel was like naw naw, you’re blessed you will have a son and name him John and he will spread the great word. Then, a little further down the road, the angel comes to Mary who in fact was a virgin promised to the Shepard Joseph. The angel told Mary that the Lord was within her and then broke it down that she would conceive Jesus, the son of God. At first, she was like but how sway, but after being explained exactly what the Holy Spirit was going to do. He also explained to her how God had just granted Elizabeth with this same bundle of joy and she was now 6 months. Showing that nothing is impossible for God. She greeted that with “I am the Lord’s servant, let it be with me just as you have said.”

I believe I was brought to this passage because we all have been going through a great deal of transformation. The first couple of months of this year have been full of release and letting go of what no longer serves us. We have been so caught up in the chaos of things we have failed to remember what our purpose is. There is a time to bring the darkness to the light and there is a time to transform that darkness into light. By being in the spirit to give and receive you will be able to transform these bad, sad, mad, dark things. Most of us, myself included, have allowed ego and protecting our identities get in the way of being grateful for what we have been given. Instead of accepting what is set in stone we fight against it daring to ask but how can I do that if I cannot see it. We must see someone else going through it to even accept the fact that it is possible for ourselves.

So, ask yourself, what is your purpose? What brings you happiness? Now, remember the things that you let go of, accept it and most importantly forgive yourself for whatever it is that needs forgiving. Finally, love yourself enough to accept your purpose and move through it graciously.




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