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New Moon in Aquarius 02.04.19 4PM EST

 In Astrology Tips, La Luna

new moon in aquarius

Okay, so you know all those memes about, “January was 57 days long” or “January was just a long Monday” all that is REAL. This New Moon is not only a time for new beginnings, new seeds to sow, new ideas to begin. Today is also the Chinese New Year, the year of the Female/Yin Brown Pig, which brings fortune and wealth. If you’re a procrastinator you can use today too as the beginning of your New Year. The stars are literally aligned right now so perfectly for you to do just that. If you get stuck in that dark place of fear and worry and binge-watching Netflix. The energy of this month will slap tf outta you and force you in whatever way necessary to get on and stay on your shit.

Here’s what’s important for you to remember:

The MOON (Set Your Intention) – first and foremost this post is about the moon. No matter where your moon sign is the current moon sign will still have a gravitational pull on, ya no matter what. The New Moon literally means I set my intention, I FEEL my intention. And this intention has the energy of an Aquarius, which is already an inventive sign itself so ya cup should be hella full boo. Invent your intention and make it plain. Make sure that whatever it is it stays true to you.

The SUN (Know Who You are) – the sun is your I Am, your own awareness of yourself. And who knows you better than you. Currently, the sun is also transiting Aquarius, the aspiring and abstract revolutionary. The illustration for the constellation is a woman whose cup is constantly running over. What a perfect analogy for a creative with plenty of ideas. The Moon and Sun are both in Aquarius causing a perfect duality. It’s important for all of us to really shed the bullshit that’s holding us back from expressing ourselves like the light that we all are.

The Yin Brown Pig/Chinese New Year (be grateful for the Wealth to come) – according to the Chinese Culture, pigs have a big personality and blessed with good fortune. So that is the energy that will come through for the rest of the year. Honestly, starting something you’ve been scared to stop, quitting that job, or letting go of that dreadful relationship, is all going to be in your best interest moving forward.

Aquarius (Gather with Like Minded Souls) – Another important factor is the dual energy of Aquarius we are in right now. Aquarius is the aspiring sign of the zodiac, the humanitarian. Tap into this energy and reach out to those that you feel you may be able to have an equal exchange with. You know that person that you’ve been too worried about hitting up because you thought they would ignore you. Reach out and see what works out in your favor. Doing so would really stop the POC crab in a bucket mentality and will make the whole damn Forbes list a bunch of brown people.

The Time is Now!

Additionally, If your intention happens to be starting a new business please check out both my Insta Brand Kit to get your brand started instantly. Become a Mailchimp master with my Emails goin Bananas Online Course to market your ass off.

Trust you in me, having this task I set for myself to write about the moon the emotional element of the zodiac, forces me to see what it is I need to let go of and get my ass moving on. Hopefully these help someone else out as well. Of course, I am not an expert so if you are interested and want to know more I highly suggest seeking out your own knowledge on the matter.

Here are my favorite go to’s:

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